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Early childhood development in a fun and dynamic learning environment

Small World Learning Center provides an enriched and diverse learning environment for our students. Founded in 2011, we’re located in Kalamazoo and reflect the various backgrounds and cultures of our area. We operate with a “natural is best” policy which we incorporate into everything in our day care and preschool programs, from our free time, to our meals, to the plant based chemicals we clean up with.

The children incorporate outside play daily when the weather permits. There are 3 acres of fenced in walking trails and the kids love to be outside searching for wild flowers, insects, birds and wildlife. When it’s time to eat, we prioritize feeding the children foods made from scratch. Organic milk, eggs, yogurt, chicken, turkey, fruits and veggies are on the menu with ingredients from the local farmers market when possible. All of our efforts are to provide the very best environment for the children in our care.

We welcome visitors. If you feel like this is the right approach for your child, contact us to schedule a tour.