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Teachers, caregivers, and communicators

We have a staff of 22 teachers and caregivers who are eager to pass on their knowledge and experience to our students. Each classroom is staffed with caring adults who are specifically trained to nurture the ages of the children in their care.

Communication between our teachers, caregivers, and families is essential to the success of the children in our care. We use the Brightwheel app to initiate 2-way communication between Small World and home throughout the day. Parents and guardians are integral to this conversation, letting us know if your baby seems to be teething, or your toddler isn’t coming in today, or your preschooler is being picked up by a grandparent. From our end, we log feedings, diaper changes, or send you a message if a question comes up.

Small World also takes security very seriously. Our doors are always locked, and access is through a keypad. Keycodes are unique to each person who has been authorized to be in the building. Keeping the children safe with these measures allows all to place our focus elsewhere – whether it’s our caregivers with the children or parents with their responsibilities during the day.